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I agree with so much I have read here. The customer service is absolutely horrible.

Rick is always ready to blame anyone but himself...I mean God forbid he actually stands behind his product. He claims Advandate can be customized, but it's only if you are a coder. If you hire a coder, he has many places blocked so you can't hire who you want. Stay away from Advandate.

I honestly think any other software would be better than this ***. Even worse is the customer service though! I need to repeat it: Stay away from Advandate.

I honestly think any other software would be better than this ***. Even worse is the customer service though!

Review about: Advandate Dating Software.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yes I confirm advandate is scam. He tries to put the fault on competition instead of helping his own customers. What a ***.


AdvanDate is a scam run by Rick Jacobson from Wyoming. He bought a very bad script Emeeting ONE year ago and now states he has been in business since 2002 :-) Nice try but not all internet users are fools.

He is known for blaming russian hackers for leaving comments about his business practices.

STAY AWAY FROM ADVANDATE. You have been warned.


Sosni, never even heard that name before but I get it, you're not a real customer. You're Dmitry from CameleonSocial.

The Russian dating software competitor that writes fake reviews about other dating software providers but I digress. You don't have to look hard for my address. It's right here for you but be sure to tell me what day you'll be stopping by so that I can put some coffee on.

1603 Capitol Ave.

Suite 310 A395

Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001

I'm in the office from 7am to around 7pm most days and oh, you're welcome for saving you $350 dollars.

To be transparent and honest here. Most of these reviews are done by this Russian guy.

The fact is that we have over 20,000 customers and as you might know there will be some people that are not happy. It happens in all businesses because the simple fact is that you can't please everyone. We try hard to but sometimes you can't. But to say we're the biggest scam in US history or that it's all a scam is just too funny.

To say we're just rip off people is comical. Tell that to the 23,240 customers we have. Tell that to the real sites on our portfolio page. Tell that to the countless high level custom sites we have done over the years and still continue to do.

Bottom line, these comments are comical at best. When customers call and deal with REAL Americans, they fully get how it all works, not from some fake BS comments by the desperate Russian competitors. To those that post fake reviews, you can't destroy us. Your hatred and lies only make us stronger in this business.

In 2002 we set out to provide the best dating software on the market. We think we are and a lot of our customers do and the new customers we bring on each month are a testament to the work that we do and will continue to do so you can try to knock us down all you want but you can't hurt us. We are now 13 people strong and we are undeterred and committed. WE ARE ADVANDATE!

We say it loud and proud... Yours respectfully, Richard Jacobson CEO/Director of Operations,

to AdvanDate #1323087

I made some bad reviews and my serial number was revoked but I noticed my money wasn't refunded. That makes Advandate, or more specifically Rick Jacobsen a thief.

There are too many reviews and he can't keep blaming this "competition" for long. What a dirt bag!


You sound like the competition writing fake reviews. Grow up and stop being a loser.

to Larry #1323075

This comment was left by Rick Jacobson himself, the famous scammer from Wyoming. Larry does not exist.

This is how this liar usually operates, nothing new here. Never buy anything from this scammer.


We are looking for Rick Jacobson's real home address, do you have it? We are willing to pay $350 for it. Thank you!

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